Programs Overview

Daisy’s programs fall into 2 major categories:  Positive Aging and Personal Empowerment. 

Her positive aging keynotes, seminars, and workshops take a whole person (holistic) approach to the aging process. Based on past experiences and things she has learned –up to this point, they are designed to help adults, especially women, positively and consciously embrace the aging process. They show individuals how to have positive aging experiences while maintaining balance and responding to challenges and obstacles associated with aging.  Daisy’s ultimate goal is to rebrand the way we think about aging. 

Daisy walks her talk. She is an experienced authority in the area of personal empowerment. Her “Back to Basic”,  down-to-earth approach to mastering personal empowerment principles helps individuals achieve higher levels of success in target areas of personal growth such as confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, goals and attitude.  Her personal empowerment programs are designed to educate and increase awareness about healthy living – in every area of life, regardless of age. Daisy’s goal is to inspire and motivate people to make healthier lifestyle choices.

“Live purposely, live consciously, age gracefully. Now is the time to begin the process.” 

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Zestfully Embracing the Aging Process (ZEAP)