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Bat Wings and Belly Fat

While attending my three times a week stretch and muscle class, I noticed that the average age of the predominantly female class was mid 60s.  While tuning in to some of the chatter that goes on before the class officially started, I observed that many of the women, including me, were almost as obsessed with flabby arms (triceps) and belly fat as some younger women.  Flabby arms are also called jiggly arms or bat wings.

In this class, our routine consists of numerous repetitions (reps) and exercises directed at triceps and abs. Sometimes, it feels as if my arms are going to fall off; and my ribs have been run over by a truck. Yet, no matter how many reps I do, my triceps still jiggle; and my belly is still fat (I am talking mini muffin top). 

The instructor works the hell out of both. She has been teaching this class for over 20 years; and many of the same students have been taking the class for that long. I often wonder what her triceps and abs look like. I have not talked to anyone who has actually seen them because she always wears a loose fitting shirt and long sleeves – no matter the temperature in the exercise room. Some of us have concluded that either she has “killer” triceps and a six pack (hard abs); and, doesn’t want to flaunt them for fear of making us even more self-conscious. Or her triceps and abs are just as jiggly and flabby as ours. Whatever the reason, I am beginning to think that for those of us pushing 60 or have moved well beyond 60, belly fat and jiggly arms are here to stay – no matter what we do or how often we do it. Therefore, it’s time to STOP obsessing over them. It is what it is.

Just as some women, regardless of age, are not ready for gray hair (I was ready for it in my early 50s), I am not quite ready for giggly arms and belly fat.

How about you? How do you feel about jiggly arms and belly fat? 


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What Every Woman Over 60 Should Have…According to Daisy

As I celebrate the beginning of my 66th birthday, here is my list of 32 things every woman over 60 should have. This list is based entirely on my experiences – what works for me. The list is not in any particular order.

  1. One “drop-dead” gorgeous recent photo of yourself
  2. Belief in yourself
  3. A beautiful smile
  4. An attitude of gratitude
  5. A compelling purpose
  6. At least one grand passion…something  or someone you are a little obsessed over
  7. A little black dress that makes you look gorgeous and can transition from casual to dressy
  8. A good pearl necklace and matching earrings
  9. Proper exercise clothes that flatters you…toss the old sweats
  10. A good pair of running, walking or cross-training shoes
  11. At least two good bras (one to wear daily; and one for workouts)
  12. A good body shaper to hold things in when wearing that little black dress
  13. A regular exercise schedule
  14. A dependable workout partner or personal trainer
  15. At least one pair of shoes  (stylist, comfortable, and sexy, if possible) that you can wear for any occasion
  16. One good wig that’s similar to your own hair (or the way you’d like your hair to look)
  17.  A flattering baseball cap or a cute hat
  18. An inner circle that loves, nurtures, supports, and sometimes challenges you
  19. One best friend forever (BFF) who knows your secrets
  20. Someone to check in with you every single day
  21. Good bedding and linen (mattress, at least 1,000 thread count Egyptian or Pima cotton sheets, soft luxurious bath towels)
  22. A comfortable recliner or chair in which to sit, read, sleep, or just lounge
  23. A good reading lamp
  24. Sisters who are tech connoisseurs and gives you their electronic devices (Smartphone, iPad) when they decide to upgrade
  25. An IPod or MP3 players downloaded with your favorite music
  26. Pandora Radio
  27. A favorite charity that you actively support with your time, money, or both
  28. One expensive evening bag and a tote carryall
  29. A big screen TV
  30. A computer (desktop or laptop) and a printer
  31. An email address that you check on a regular basis
  32. A home where you are surrounded by things you enjoy and love – e. g.,  art, music , family photos, books, keepsakes

What would your list look like? Let me hear from you.