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Redefine, Reinvent, Reinvigorate…the next half of your life

In 2014, I am fully embracing the concept of positive aging. I am embracing my age (almost 66 years) with style, dignity, and confidence. I am celebrating the person I am; enjoying getting older…and, enjoying the journey…no regrets.

Here are six actions I plan to take as I continue this journey:

  • Blog. Under the tag: Fit, Fabulous, and Fearless, I will post weekly comments on some aspect of aging. My goal is to establish myself as a valued resource for people, especially women who want redefine, reinvent, and reinvigorate…the next half of their life. 
  • Celebrate. I celebrate all accomplishments – big and small. For example, last weekend, I completed a half marathon (Phoenix PF Chang Rock N Roll) with my best friend (bf) of over 35 years. I completed the entire race (13.1 miles), my first since 2012. My personal goal wasn’t about time; but, about spending quality time with my bf. Our relay team, The Daisies, (there were 63 teams) came in dead last (3:23). We still celebrated (with Mexican food and margaritas) because we finished together – with everything in working order; we were the oldest team; and we finished ahead on hundreds of half marathoners. 
  • Eat consciously. I am committing to eating healthier; and to being more conscious of what I am putting into my body. While in Phoenix, I had an opportunity to visit with my bf’s 97 year old mother. I asked her secret to longevity. She stated emphatically, “It’s about what you are putting into your body; the foods you eat.”   
  • Live consciously. At all times, I will be aware and present. I will be cognizant of what I am doing, why I am doing it, and the impact my actions today will have on my tomorrow. 
  • Volunteer. I will regularly give of myself to at least one (1) non-profit organization. 
  • Make thankfulness a daily habit. I will see each day as an unexpected gift. And, be grateful.

What are your thoughts about positive aging?  Please let me hear from you. I invite you to become one of my regular blogging buddies.