Lifestyles of Ageless People

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Lifestyles of Ageless People

 Have you ever pondered the lifestyles of people who don’t seem to get old not matter their chronological age?  Well, recently I have been paying a great deal of attention to these people (mostly women). And, here are a few things I have discovered; a few things they have in common.

They are active – in every way. They are engaged and involved in some type of social activity – whether community or church. They all do some form of physical exercise on a regular basis. They walk, play tennis, take group exercise classes, or swim. Several participate in some kind of dance class at least three days a week. Another meets her walk group at 6:30 a.m. at least 5 days a week. And, one (who is a few months shy of 81) still runs half marathons. She started running at age 73. This ageless beauty even got her boyfriend (several years her junior) involved in running. They now run half marathons together. 

  • They are conscious about what they eat. They don’t eat a lot of junk.  And, when they plan to put in long hours, they carry apples, nuts, water, and other healthy snacks.
  • They have a supportive inner circle. Some of these women have had the same friends for over 50 years. And, they take time out of their busy schedules to spend time with their friends and family. They cultivate relationships. They remember and celebrate special events like birthdays, and the like. 
  • They are current. They keep up with current events. Many are even technologically savvy; sending emails and text messages on a regular basis.  Some even have twitter accounts. And, one has a blog following of over 3,000.  
  • They are passionate about something. There are causes (or a single cause) they strongly believe in and commit their time to supporting. They are tireless and fearless – even though it sometimes means stepping outside of their comfort zone. 

These women are a living testament to George Burn’s quote: “you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old”.  

Do you have some thoughts on not growing old? Let me hear from you. 

Senior Power ROCKS!

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Senior Power ROCKS!

How much do you know about the lifestyles of older people, especially those over 65? How often have you made stereotypical comments about older people?  Or embraced some myth that has been around for decades and perpetuated by television, magazines, newspapers and virtually every aspect of society?

 Here are some commonly held myths about people over 65.

  • The majority of people over 65 are senile (disoriented or demented).
  • Most older people have no interest in, or capacity for, sex.
  • The majority of older people feel miserable much of the time.
  •  At least 10 percent of the aged are living in long­stay institutions (nursing homes. Assisted living facilities, etc.).
  •  Most older workers cannot work as effectively or efficiently as younger workers.
  •  Most old people are set in their ways and unable to change.
  •  As we get older, we have more illnesses, which is part of the aging process and should be expected.
  • In general, most older people are pretty much alike.
  • Most older people are isolated and lonely.
  •  People tend to become more religious as they age.

“Age is just a number.”

Once upon a time, I stereotyped people over 65 – i.e., until I joined the group. Do you have some unfounded myths about people over 65?  Let me hear from you.

This month, I celebrate my 65 birthday. I am now on Medicare. And, that is a good thing. Now, I fully understand what seniors mean when they say, “Don’t mess with my Medicare”. Senior power ROCKS!