5 More Ageless Beauty Tips

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5 More Ageless Beauty Tips

Here are five more ageless beauty tips.

  • Embrace your age. Ageless beauties don’t go around trying to “hide” their age. In fact, they broadcast it. They are so grateful to be among the living; and to be feeling and looking good. They understand that age is just a number; that age is about attitude, lifestyle, and the willingness to embrace change. 
  • Set goals. For the most part, I am goal oriented. I begin each year with something I want to accomplish. Goals give me a sense of purpose; something to look forward to. And, when accomplished, a sense of pride. 
  • Smile.  A healthy smile is your million dollar asset. You can work miracles with a smile. Smiling is a way to write your feelings on your face. It communicates that you are friendly, positive, and happy. A healthy smile is bright and radiant. So, don’t neglect your teeth. Ageless beauties have great looking teeth. They brush, floss, and visit their dentist at least annually. 
  • Embrace change. The only thing constant is change. Commit to making the necessary changes in your life. Stop saying, ‘I can’t”. The only legitimate can’t is something you are physically unable to do. Even then, don’t rule it out. Since anything is possible, there may be a way. 
  • Make thankfulness a habit. Or as Andre Crouch sings in his song, Let the Church Say…Amen, “No matter how you’re feeling…or how your world is reeling…just say amen.” In other words, give thanks. Give thanks for little things. Every day and in different ways, give thanks or just say…AMEN.

 Are you an ageless beauty? What is the one beauty tip you can share with me?