Women and Friendship

Last night I saw an independent film “Book Club”, a documentary by Hope Hartman about 8 women who showed up month after month for 62 years to read (and discuss) books. That's right, 62 years. They even planned vacations around those monthly meetings. I can’t imagine doing anything with that kind of consistency for 62 years.  Even one of the members herself said "I haven't been committed to anything or anyone else for that long."  While the story was about reading, it was also about women and friendship. Friendships that flourished because of their love for books, mutual support, and their respect for each other. Facilitated, of course, by their decision to avoid discussions about religion and politics.

 My Superwoman of the Week 

All of the women were fascinating. The one I found most memorable was Mary Lathram, who has been in the Top Ten in the national U. S. Masters swimmers listing for more than 15 years. I couldn’t wait to get home so that I could Google her. Here is some of what I learned about Mary. In her 90’s, she still competes in four or five local meets a year and attends Senior Olympics and USMS national championships.  When she turned 90 (2005), she garnered a first place finish and set a world record in the 200 M backstroke. 

In the film, Mary stated that, initially, she was reluctant to compete; not because she doubted her ability, but because of how she looked – i.e., “her stomach “pooched” out and she didn't look that great in a bathing suit”. After her 1st competition, however, she realized that the only person concerned about what she looked like was her. They only cared about how she swam.  

How often do we concern ourselves with things that matters to no one but us? For example, how we look?  On this, I am guilty. I, too, sometimes obsess over my belly fat. Forget the fact that I am 64, physically active, and look and feel absolutely fabulous. 

The lessons: No matter your age, be and do you and accept yourself for who you are; nurture your friendships, especially with your women friends; and be thankful – for everything.    

As I was leaving the movie theater, I found myself wondering what it must feel like to have the same circle of friends for over 60 years; people you see month after month, with regularity and consistency. I also left thinking how nice it must be to still be active well into your 90s. 

Do you have friends you have seen month after month for over 20, 40, or 60 years? How does that feel? I would love to hear from you. 

Counting down… Next week, I will return with 10 more nuggets for women who want to age gracefully and with dignity and confidence. I will also tell you about my new passion/interest. 

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Tend not to style your hair with warmed devices daily. Overusing your curling iron, flat iron, blow clothes dryer, curler or another items might cause fried, frizzy hair. Give your hair to air-dried out as much as is possible, and present your hair a break from heated up styling tools. When you need to utilize these resources, apply a warmth-safety mist or balm in your your hair ahead of use.


Avoid lying on a mattress that you simply kitchen sink into or possibly is slanted. This will cause your whole body to become in an direction, which may placed stress on your air flow passages during the night. Search for a bed mattress that may be parallel to the floor so that you can breathe in successfully without heavy snoring.

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Do not elevate anything that is just too far away on your part. Generally move even closer to the subject and never style around to grab something such as from the rear chair of your vehicle as an example. Tend not to increase from the sofa and grab items that are way too a long way away either.


Talk to your insurance professional prior to taking out a short phrase coverage in your hire auto. Seek advice from your charge card organization also. Occasionally, your personal vehicle insurance policy, and even your charge card issuer, will provide insurance coverage when you are in a lease vehicle. It's safer to verify initially, so that you don't pay money for anything you don't need to have.

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if you are experiencing difficulties with a renter that may be not paying anything they are obligated to pay you, you want to do your best to communicate freely using them. Should they be avoiding you, they are clearly not planning on paying out you. Set up a repayment schedule together if at all possible. Acquire court action should it be the only real remedy.


Cancer recommendations such as these can offer a good assisting hand to those that have been identified as having cancer, and even those which may be experiencing signs that they can feel may be cancers. The truth is, many forms of cancer isn't such a weak disease, and is treatable using the right strategies and treatments, and also a new way of living along with a far better aim for health, which commences with discovering a lot more.Tips On Working With Allergies Day time In And Trip

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To spark comments and exercise within your social networking, run polls with intriguing queries. Facebook has a good function for this particular. Polls frequently go a little viral in social media, but also work as good conversation newbies together with your members and supporters. It may also generate jewel troves of data will target your demographics greater.


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Tired with your display screen switching from scenery to portrait orientation with the smallest motion? Start with increase-tapping the Home option to take up a selection of lately utilized apps. Push the much-remaining key, that is a grey icon by having an arrow. You will then get a concept affirming that this cell phone is locked in portrait orientation.


The 1st key to mastering Website Marketing is figuring out what the objective of your internet site ought to be. Obviously, your ultimate target is always to take much more consumers your path, but just how precisely can it attain that? Choose one certain aim to begin your site with at the beginning. Then after some time, start to create other essential desired goals additionally.

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The very best sort of report to publish for your article writing strategy is one that offers assistance to people that need it. A post that responses an issue, solves a problem or educates a useful ability will have more viewers than a single that simply covers a subject, no matter how exciting that subject may be.


See your dental professional frequently. It may seem evident, but going to your dental practitioner consistently will probably be your greatest technique to very good oral health. They should be able to area and solution small problems before they turn out to be key issues, helping you save a lot of time, cash, and soreness.

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When start buying stocks and shares, it is advisable to shell out a compact quantity into many different stocks and shares. Stocks and shares is dangerous, and if you just invest in a single firm, and yes it occurs to not thrive. You will certainly be losing a lot of cash. When you have several stock, you will end up less risky.


You've learned so much from reading this article article, so take a rest and clear your head. While you are all set, try a few of the suggestions you only learned and watch your money increase. The recommendations in this article can help you to boost your financial situation, whatever financial situation you might be at the moment experiencing.Get Intelligent Regarding Your Money Using These Private Financial Recommendations!

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Try out ingesting green tea if you suffer from all forms of diabetes. It is the best way to give to your wonderful tooth without the need of drinking a drink which could have an effect on your blood sugar. Also, although absolutely nothing has been confirmed, doctors are looking into the suggestion that green tea could possibly lower blood glucose.
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The recommendations with this report can help you decide what to do to ensure that your child and you are healthier and happy all on your nine months of waiting around. Although many everything is from the manage, the information above show that lots of everything is inside your control to be certain your child arrives with all the finest start.Useful Strategies For Letting You Lose Fat
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You really the choice that you want to produce your mlm business a success. It sounds so basic, but without it choice you will not be inside the correct state of mind to make it work. Marketplace you to ultimately become successful and you will definitely help it become within this organization.
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For those who have a lot of excessive dry skin on your face, among the best methods to alleviate your stress is to obtain a facial. This can allow your skin to breathe so that you will sense clean to the far better section of the working day. Allow yourself a facial to help you your anxiety and disappear your worries.
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Once you have plenty of issues together with your teeth, check with your dental practitioner about implementing a sealant to your enamel. This will keep it tough and impermeable, making certain tooth decay are kept at bay. The cost could be higher, so request a quotation just before getting the visit so that you can pay for it.
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A fantastic forex currency trading suggestion is always to journey a acquire for as long as you are able to, and also to reduce your losses early. When you find yourself profiting from a trade, it's wise to drive it until the marketplace alterations. On the other hand, if you notice deficits, you'll want to quickly take out.
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Now you must some great suggestions and data on the subject of nourishment. Know tips on how to integrate these pointers into the own daily life and how to have healthier eating routine. In this way, you will end up more likely to stave off sickness, condition, and other bodily problems that usually feature very poor diet.Ways Regarding How To Generate High Quality Website Design


Avoidance is definitely your best option when it comes to back problems. You ought to use sensible footwear (lower pumps for women, no surges) and enjoy your posture to avoid back again difficulties. If you make a few minimal change in lifestyle you just might lessen or steer clear of lower back pain completely.

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To actually obtain the best installing shoes and boots for your routines, make sure to go shopping in the mid-day instead of the early morning. As the time continues, your toes basically grow to be larger. When you go shopping in the morning, you could find oneself putting on some extremely uneasy exercise routine shoes or boots once you place them on for your evening session.


In case you have establish your goals for buying or selling a home, be sure to record them. You will be liberated to be as detailed as you want in establishing your desired goals, because setting up a report of which will stop you from failing to remember them afterwards. Actually, the greater number of particular the objectives are that you just report, the better. They may help remind you do not to compromise way too easily.

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As treatments develops, physicians will develop good ways to treat back discomfort. In the meantime, you ought to concentrate on whatever you can to to help relieve your lower back pain. In this article, you've found some great suggest that ought to creating managing back discomfort a smaller problem. Try these pointers, and see what methods function most effective for you.Are You Currently Addicted To Gourmet coffee? These Pointers Might Help


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It's important that you stick with a consistent ingesting timetable when you're preventing cancer. The foodstuff may choose to get out of much the same way it accessed due to your chemo, but you do not want to miss meals here. Shedding durability means you are burning off the fight. Try to stay robust to enable you to surpass the cancer.


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When studying the suggested terms of a payday advance provide, make sure you evaluate if you will find any fees and penalties considered for prepayment of your loan harmony. Using this method, it can be easy to steer clear of spending unnecessary curiosity when the funds required to repay the financing are, received earlier than in the beginning expected.
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Frustration can be a effective push, and you will control it inside your article marketing strategy. Keep your readers' frustration at heart whenever you prepare posts, and be sure to explain the way your goods and services can relieve their frustration. Just be sure you continue to be truthful a false remedy for disappointment can be annoying in and also of alone!
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You should remember that school is not all about learning. School is really a significant stroll into the adult years and must be treated as such. While you should not celebration the evening aside, tend not to keep your nose area in your guides to the level that you just do not arrive at love this particular time in your life.

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When filing personalized bankruptcy, be honest about the state your money in your papers. It isn't a assistance to you by any means to disguise resources or further cash flow. In reality, doing so could lead to your individual bankruptcy petition being ignored and also you being forced to refile once more. This is certainly squandered time you may not have.

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It will save you money on a plumber simply by using a strength auger you to ultimately obvious a stopped up bathroom collection. Consult with local home improvement stores or any other places where one can rent energy instruments. You may be able to lease an auger yourself for a tiny part of the expense of employing a plumbing service, although you will need to have the capacity to take away and reset your bathroom your self unless you use a main series cleanout.

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When purifying your facial skin, always remember to clean initial together with the facial cleanser of your liking and tepid to warm water. This purifying approach will open up your skin pores and take away grime and essential oil. Follow-up your cleaning procedure using a cold normal water wash to reduce pore dimensions and invigorate your skin. End up your schedule using a toner to polish the pores and present your epidermis a radiant complete.
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As we discussed in the over listing of ideas, managing depression can be very beneficial in increasing your lifestyle and also the lives of people close to you. Major depression does not just have an effect on you or your friend, it has an effect on everybody near the victim. After subsequent these pointers, everyone can begin therapeutic and living daily life over.Guidelines On How To Manage Malignancy
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You should established your property finances before searching for homes. Even though a loan company will show you what you can use, you should set your personal spending budget. It is strongly recommended by financial professionals to pay a maximum of thirty percent of the gross month to month cash flow on the residence, which include main, fascination, fees and home insurance.
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- вносить комментарии для Организатора каждой закупки, в которой он участвует. Например, указывать возможные замены к товару, если его не окажется в наличии у поставщика.
15. Функционал корзины Участников:
- прогресс сбора по всей закупке в процентном соотношении – общий процент сбора от указанной минимальной партии поставщика,
- по каждому заказу в отдельности и по всей закупке представлена подробная информация: сумма оргсбора в рублях, скидка от Организатора (если есть), сумма за доставку от поставщика до Организатора (транспортные расходы), общая сумма закупки, итоговая сумма к оплате. При подтверждении Организатором поступления оплаты от Участника суммы перевода за закупку, итоговая сумма к оплате меняется.
- имеется архив, куда Участник может переносить свои завершенные закупки,
- две формы отчета для внесения суммы и реквизитов платежа: по оплате за закупку и за транспортные расходы,
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- быстрый переход из корзины непосредственно в каталог закупки к конкретному заказанному товару,
- простая функция для оценки каждой закупки по 5-бальной шкале. На основании полученных оценок выстраивается система рейтинга организаторов,
- кнопка перехода в «СберБанк Онлайн» для совершения платежей по закупкам,
- вызов по клику формы для заказа доставки закупок участника на дом,
- вызов по клику формы для записи на возврат денежных средств от Организатора закупки,
- переход одним кликом в собственный профиль для изменения своих контактных данных или пункта выдачи заказов.
16. Автоматический подсчет общего количества участий в закупках для каждого Пользователя.
17. Система идентификации Участников при выдаче заказов основана на одноразовых паролях, генерируемых в корзине Участника по его клику, и не требует предъявления паспорта при получении заказа.

[b]Для Организаторов:[/b]

1. Создание, редактирование и удаление закупок и каталогов с товарами;
2. Добавление нескольких фотографий к товару;
3. Изменение ОРГ процента по закупке или по каждому товару в отдельности;
4. Автоматическое формирование заказа поставщику в Excel на основе заказов Участников закупки;
5. Интерфейс для автоматизации приема оплаты от Участников закупки;
6. Формирование и печать этикеток с информацией по заказам каждого Участника.
7. Сортировка заказов и товарных позиций по статусу, названию и пр. условиям;
8. Автоматический расчет суммы вознаграждение администрации форума (1-5% от заказов);
9. Сбор заказов размерными рядами;
10. Размещение в закупках специальной формы для самостоятельного добавления Участниками в каталог закупки различных товаров напрямую с сайта поставщика;
11. Клонирование периодических закупок и каталогов из первой закупки-прототипа;
12. Загрузка фотографий по ссылке, напрямую с сайта поставщика;
13. Возможность добавлять заказы участникам в корзину по их просьбе;
14. Возможность создавать календари событий, информирующие участников закупок о статусе заказа;
15. Автоматический расчет суммы доставки в процентном соотношении и в фиксированной сумме.;
16. Архив уже законченных закупок;
17. Импорт/экспорт товаров между каталогами и файлами Excel;
18. Экспорт заказов в файл Excel;
19. Автоматическое бронирование закупок;
20. Функционал автоматического добавления и удаления участников в черный список;
21. Возможность передавать закупки от одного организатора к другому;
22. У организатора могут быть помощники по созданию каталогов;
23. Система рейтинга организаторов.

[b]Для администратора:[/b]

1. Автоматическое формирование отчетов по Организаторам и суммам отчислений;
2. Интерфейс для автоматизации приема оплаты от Организаторов;
3. Интерфейс управления бронированием закупок;
4. Интерфейс управления черным списком участников;
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The newborn baby has a substantial brother, 3-year-old Angel. Tejeda and Mayes, 21, a professional assistant the Orlando mesothelioma lawyers, received a gift basket from Beech-Nut and coupons valued at $500 at zero cost baby dinner.

There is often a $99 at first fee and also a fee every month starting at $49 30 days. Often clients uses the service for about 8-12 a few. At the end of this day an individual looking nov 16 $500 employ this support.

The three main organs or systems which are attacked by asbestos particles are lungs, gastrointestinal tract and heart. The most common form of such a cancer is pleural design. If the cancer cells attack the gastrointestinal tract then is actually always known as peritoneal sort of. The third along with the rarest type of mesothelioma is pericardial construct.

Will legislation firm initiate on your case will refer it to additional law strong? If they will refer to some other firm, it important to research about the credentials for this referred rigid.

Based regarding initial consultation, you always be able learn if hand calculators really trust your mesothelioma attorney. Furthermore, you are fully aware if you can be comfortable around him or no. Make sure how the lawyer listens attentively to what you must say. He should even be able produce you with as many details regarding your rights, the lawsuit, as well as the steps which to be studied. Most importantly, you need to make specific you can understand your lawyer good.

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Mesothelioma can be a devastating ill health. As you already know it, Appeared a form of cancer. The only known causative factor is asbestos protection. At the time of diagnosis could possibly not give consideration to contacting legal counsel. Of course one particular think in it. Everyone will keep in mind finding a doctor, but a adviser?

The fee of Large mesothelioma lawyer never ever cheap, nor is illness mesothelioma, as your life is threatened by it. You must sign an agreement with your lawyer before getting with. The agreement really needs all the terms and scenarios that already been agreed by both customer and lawyer mutually. You'll want to also have a need for a interval in which your lawyer thinks that they would have the ability to get you justice inside the court. You several lawyers who ask for a percentage of money against the amount of compensation an individual would get from the manufacturing establishment. One thing that could be added like a clause within your agreement from your New York mesothelioma lawyer is no win free. This thing do not be appreciated by many lawyers, but a genuine lawyer would agree for this statement any kind of time given working day.

None people are likely to die today, yet none of us will get out of this life alive. In fact, there are only two guarantees in life and that's death and taxes.

Tenth, do not a traffic ticket any fight if you weren't responsible or concur to accept a short payment to get your vehicle repairs without understanding that the amount will in fact cover certainly all the repairs.

The story begins when Bill Windship, a local businessman finds a body while shoveling the snow at the Pilgrim Monument and Museum in Provincetown, Cape Call of duty. The body he finds is regarding Edwin Snow III, a very disliked man in village. Snow has either jumped or been pushed at the monument. Law enforcement chief thinks suicide, but English newcomer and bed and breakfast owner, Lady Elizabeth Oglive-Smythe, suspects homicide.
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Allow lawyer to discuss your situation with you openly. There isn't reason to be anything but truthful training can actually be professionals. You must tell them everything you can do. This will give the attorneys the ability to determine exactly what the right thing to do is for you personally personally. The lawyers will together with advice on how to move forward and public record information can do for users. You should not leave out details because doing so could upward costing you in the long-term.

The second reason will be the diagnosis of Mesothelioma may financial physical stress. It will reduce the earnings of the as well as family expenses increase. Not to mention the treatment costs it's okay not covered with insurance. If you file a claim you may relief that you have financial help on the way. And a Mesothelioma Lawyer understands the disease and deal with you and your family.
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Как избежать мошенничества при продаже жильяКуда девать желание сэкономить? Даже если эта экономия вопреки здравому смыслу. И в этом случае время года играет не лучшую роль, ведь зимой вы можете оценить отопление квартиры, однако не сможете знать наверняка, насколько жарко в ней будет летом, и наоборот. Много это или мало (в сравнении с возможными рисками), каждый решает сам. Но только не для продавца, а для ловкого мошенника. Нужно помнить, что «гражданская» жена по закону, без завещания, наследовать имущество мужа не может. Именно поэтому стоит взять с собой опытного специалиста, написать предварительный план осмотра квартиры, например, что является первостепенным, чтобы покупая квартиру даже с недостатками иметь возможность получить скидку. Наследник может отказаться от наследства в целом, но не имеет права отказываться от его части. Обращайтесь к нашим специалистам, мы поможем решить любые вопросы, связанные с продажей вашей недвижимости грамотно, в короткие сроки и с экономией вашего бюджета. Залогом будет являться приобретенная недвижимость. Поэтому, не стоит покупать очень уж дорогие, большие квартиры или элитное жилье. Покупка жилья — это не поход за продуктами в магазин. Звуко- и теплоизоляционные качества панельных домов уступают другим типам строительных объектов. Вторичный рынок достаточно «богат» на различные варианты квартир. Он будет думать, что вы сведущи во всех вопросах и видите сквозь стены, не станет скрывать от вас недостатки и может быть станет уступчивее в торге. Ежемесячные выплаты посильны. После того, как ваше объявление «продам однокомнатную квартиру» увидит свет, к вам будут обращаться потенциальные покупатели, желающие посмотреть на предложение своими глазами. 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Преимущества недвижимости как объекта для инвестиций очевидны. Так вы завоюете доверие клиента и повысите шанс удержать его. А вообще, разумно взять с собой дипломированного специалиста, который разбирается во всех ГОСТах и покажет вам скрытые дефекты. НовостройкиНовостройкиИзменение семейного/социального статуса. Советы профессионалов почасту требуются не исключительно быть выборе квартиры, только и в тот момент, когда покупатель уже определился и хочет подписать документы. «СИТИ-Недвижимость» — это «крупный кит» на рынке недвижимости. Также, определенную сумму платить придется. Второе: выяснить в банке, согласится ли он, в случае, когда клиент захочет продолжить выплаты сообразно ипотеке, видать его заемщиком взамен вас тож довольно упрямиться для единовременном погашении кредита. Однако сообразно крайней мере нужно перечислить предметы мебели и всю технику и электронику. 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Такси Убер - taxi-yandex.top/uber120000p

Такси Яндекс - taxi-yandex.top/120000p
Подключение - БЕСПЛАТНО
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